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Los Angeles, its Time to be Counted! Participate in Census 2020 Online!

Posted on 05/07/2020
group of people with hands up

Los Angeles, are you ready to be counted? The results will determine not only our representation in Congress, but how over $115 billion is spent every year on California schools, healthcare, housing, transportation, and other vital programs in our neighborhoods.

But we won’t get an accurate count in 2020 unless everyone participates.

No one can underestimate the stakes: L.A. County is the country’s most challenging region to count. Over half of Angelenos live in hard-to-count areas. And if Angelenos in our immigrant communities are too afraid to open their doors and fill out their questionnaires, L.A. could lose billions over the next decade in federal funds.

That’s why city, county, and state leaders and community groups are joining forces to stand up for our most vulnerable neighbors.

Together, we can ensure a complete, fair, and accurate count in 2020.

Because in Los Angeles, everybody belongs and everybody counts. So let’s roll up our sleeves and get to work!

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