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About ITA

Under the leadership of Mayor Karen Bass, the Information Technology Agency (ITA) works with agencies and departments across the City of Los Angeles to develop world-class IT infrastructure and applications that provide our citizens, businesses, and visitors with the digital services they expect from a leading global city. 

The ITA recognizes this demand and our unique role as technology leaders in L.A. government. Our efforts to keep Los Angeles at the forefront of government accessibility, reliability, and innovation have been acknowledged. L.A. has been globally recognized among industry leaders in the use of digital technologies to deliver services and publish data for transparency and utility  and the ITA will continue to strive for  “Responsive, Responsible, and Excellent Technology” for its citizens into the future. 

Our Services

The Information Technology Agency (ITA) is comprised of 442 IT professionals organized into 18 divisions with an annual operating budget of $90 million. Unlike the “traditional” government IT department, the ITA is responsible for a broad spectrum of services. Our 18 divisions deliver 366 different technology services to both internal and external customers. These range from classic IT services, such as computer support, enterprise applications, data networks, and a 24/7 data center to progressive digital services, such as a TV station (LA Cityview), 3-1-1 Call Center, public safety radio/microwave communications, helicopter avionics, enterprise social media, and more. The breadth of our services necessitates close management to ensure integration and efficiency
between our divisions, while maintaining a clear focus on specific customer groups and their unique needs.

Our Customers

The ITA believes the single most important success factor in IT service delivery is an in-depth understanding of our customers. Depending on the specific ITA service, our customers are:

18 elected officials
48,000 City employees
41 City departments

4 million L.A. residents across 469 square miles
97,000 L.A. businesses

45 million tourists

Veterans, homeless or nearly homeless, domestic violence victims, L.A. youth seeking employment, older Angelenos, universities, etc.

Our Mission

To best serve the City of Los Angeles, the Information Technology Agency (ITA) works to be a best-in-class technology department that demonstrates Responsive, Responsible, and Excellent Information Technology:

Delivers business outcomes for every City department by leveraging agile, flexible services that digitally engage citizens and employees

Advocates technologies that promote sustainable choices and offers opportunities for a highly skilled, diverse, and representative workforce

Achieves excellence in core IT infrastructure, innovation, and cybersecurity to protect the City’s digital assets

Thanks for taking the time to learn more about our great city, the ITA organization, or your interest to join our team.