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Strategic Plan

ITA Strategic Plan 2024 2025

Los Angeles is truly a world class city, boasting the 3rd largest metropolitan economy in the world, over 4 million residents, and 500,000 businesses spread across 469 square miles. The City of Los Angeles has the enormous responsibility of ensuring the safety, sanitation, public services, utilities, transportation, and recreation of a large metropolis. For this reason, digital tools and technology are critical to serve L.A. residents, businesses, and visitors. Through information technology (I.T.), the City of Los Angeles makes a vast array of public services much more efficient, effective, and accessible. While always important, the demand for information technology is now unprecedented. With the second largest city in the United States, the recent COVID-19 Pandemic, and major global events coming to L.A. (e.g. 2026 World Cup, 2027 Super Bowl, 2028 Olympics, etc), digital tools have become fundamental methods of engaging and delivering services to the public. In short, Angelenos expect online and easy-to-use “contactless services”. 

To deliver on these expectations, the Information Technology Agency (ITA) uses strategic planning and execution to focus limited resources on overcoming key challenges to enable the City of Los Angeles to meet its full potential. This ITA Strategic Plan has been developed at a critical time in the history of Los Angeles, building on the progress made during the pandemic towards a “new better” (not just a “new normal”). To accomplish this, we must improve the quality and quantity of City digital services (digital transformation), provide opportunities & safeguards for AI and emerging technologies, build smart city tools to facilitate L.A.’s upcoming global events, and recruit/develop top-tier IT human resources. Unlike some strategic plans, this document is not intended to be a comprehensive listing of everything we do. Simply put, this plan summarizes our environment, focus, key challenges, and strategic priorities for 2024 & 2025, using what we call “Responsive, Responsible, and Excellent Tech.”

Download the ITA's 2024 & 2025 Strategic Plan