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ITA Spotlight of the Month, Summer 2023

Posted on 09/07/2023
Auditor Team collaborates

This quarter’s ITA spotlight shines on the Financial Administrative Services Bureau (FAS). Over the past fiscal year, they helped pass and administer the department’s budget of over $100M, executed over 111 contracts/contract amendments/service level agreements, worked on funding information for 2,552 CSRs, finalized 813 purchase orders, and completed over 1,300 Accounting transactions to run department operations. The Bureau works directly with other departments such as the CAO, the City Attorney, and the Controller’s Office to make sure core services in ITA are supported. This group also has the responsibility of communicating with elected officials such as the Mayor’s Office and various Council Offices to guarantee that ITA’s core duties receive proper administrative approvals.

Members of the team include:

Mary Lee 
Niva Verma 
Lingying Hwang
Sandra Corbett 
Jackelin Ortiz-Lopez 
Veronica Torres
Klavdiya Uzunyan

Maria Ramos 
Megan Escobar 
Elivira Mendez
Jessica Forand 
Valerieann Palazzolo 
Lorna Tolentino
Aaron Millager 
Dakota Edison 
Maria Delas Alas

Maggie McNally 
Arik Bibicoff 
Baltazar Dasalla
Kathryn Alcantara

Executive Administrative Support
Marina Sanchez 
Elsa Silvestre 
Lisa Santos-Claro

Project Management Office
Marc Magallanes 
Sydney Duong

We also want to recognize the persons that have contributed to our success this year and have left for promotional opportunities in other departments: 
Lani Ponciano, Tiffany Lee, Melissa Savage, Anthony Bizarro, Endang Widakdo, and Cathy Alarcon.

Please join me in congratulating FAS as we move forward in a new fiscal year!