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ITA Spotlight of the Month, Spring 2021

Posted on 05/01/2021
Computer Screen displaying the Servicenow interface

Operating and managing the Information Technology Agency (ITA) requires tracking a lot of information and being able to make quick and accurate decisions to resolve problems, make business adjustments, and plan for the future.  In order to do this, ITA managers need good tools and digital platforms.  A central tool used by ITA is ServiceNow for managing our core IT business, project management, and custom app development.  This ITA Spotlight shines on the ServiceNow (SNow) team who maintains our ServiceNow platform and builds new apps on the platform!

The SNow team has built out a service catalog where users can request a full suite of IT services whether it be support for email services, web and app development, cloud hosting, or a security review.  This platform is used to manage service requests including Communication Service Requests (CSRs), track system changes, outages, and our complete inventory of servers, computers, databases, business services, and more.  They assist all the SNow users, build out the knowledge bases, implement notifications and workflow, dashboards, reporting, and provide end user training.

In addition to handling day to day IT operations, the SNow team supports the Project Management Office (PMO) in running the project management tools to track ITA's ~150 open projects whether they be Agile based sprints or those using the traditional waterfall method.

The team has leveraged the platform to build over 17 custom business applications for many departments including all Elected Offices, the Mayor’s Office, Contract Administration, the City Attorney’s Office, Fire and Police Pensions, Housing, and the Department of Disability.  Several apps were developed specifically to support the City’s response to the COVID pandemic such as scheduling COVID testing appointments, delivering food to the elderly from local restaurants, and providing rental assistance to those struggling to make rent.  New apps are coming soon including new digital workflows for making purchases through the ITA Admin group and an investigation management app for the newly created Civil and Human Rights Department.

The SNow team members are:

Alan Tran

Brian Lee

Cuong Nguyen

Huu Ly

Ramon Hernandez

Debbie Cabeza (recent SIP retiree)

Thank you all for the hard work and expertise that you have shown for this critical ITA tool!