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ITA Spotlight of the Month, September/October 2020

Posted on 10/02/2020
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Security Governance Team

As you know, the Information Technology Agency (ITA) does A LOT of critical services for the City of Los Angeles. We build, we fix, we publish, and we secure. What's unique about technology is that it is much more than hardware and software... we also have a very close connection with people. This ITA Spotlight shines on the ITA Security Governance Team within the Information Security office, who is responsible for the "human side" of cybersecurity.

The ITA Security Governance Team manages the WeSecureLA program, a citywide Security Awareness and Education Program to create a stronger human firewall and cybersecurity culture for the City of Los Angeles. The human elements in cybersecurity are critical since hackers often manipulate human nature, using techniques such as social engineering to gain their trust and enable them to click on malicious links and enter their data into fake websites. The recent study revealed that 95 percent of cybersecurity incidents were related to human factors. Therefore, it is critical for the City to educate employees on cyber hygiene and best practices to protect themself and the City's digital assets.

The team's recent accomplishment includes: 1) Roll out mandatory Cyber Security Awareness Training to all city employees  2) Continuous education through monthly Security Newsletter  3) Quarterly Phishing Simulation Exercise, 4) Host regular Security Seminar and Trainings for IT professionals  5) Implemented a Critical Protection Program (Human) to identify and protect High Value Target. As a result, numbers of suspicious email reporting were increased and the phishing exercise click rate are continuously improved.  The team has made an incredible effort to build a stronger human firewall to improve the City's security posture overall. Keep up the great work!

The Governance Team Members are:

Madeline Dia
Yukari Iwai
Dean Victoria
Mario Arguello
Carmela Gonzales (volunteer)