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ITA Spotlight of the Month, May/June 2020

Posted on 05/11/2020
tall server rack

Mainframe Support Team

As you have seen from our various ITA spotlights, ITA technology and services come in all shapes and sizes.  This spotlight shines on the talented ITA team that very successfully took on the challenge of migrating and retiring the City's mainframe.  On February 26, 2020, the LA City’s Mainframe system officially migrated to the California Department of Technology (CDT) Data Center located in Sacramento. This project has reduced the risk of running the mainframe in-house, improved ITA service offerings to departments, and is saving money all at the same time!  This project with CDT has allowed the City to decommission its 40+ year-old legacy mainframe and re-focus its investments on newer distributed and Cloud platforms.

The mainframe migration project has been a long process and critical to the remaining few departments that on mainframe apps, such as Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD), General Services (GSD) and Los Angeles City Employee Retirement Systems (LACERS).  The efforts included migrating over thirty applications, more than twenty thousand tapes with 40 TB of data including the LAPD National Crime Information Center (NECS), and many other applications that included many testings and validations.

The migration required tremendous coordination and planning among various support teams within ITA, LAPD, and CDT. Its success would not have been possible without the dedication and hard work of each individual who has done his/her work diligently. 

This spotlight shines on the Enterprise & Systems Operations (ESO) Division’s Mainframe Support team:

Mainframe Key Team Members and Project Lead
Ben Hua
Brian Lu
Harry Liu
Howard Wolf
Kay Park
Nee Truong (retired)
Truc Phan

Support Team Members

ENOC Support
Benjamin Landeros
Casey Riggs
Carlo Nabong
Dante Carreon
Markeith Wheeler
Paul Dimalanta

Network Support
Arleen Ancheta
Carlos Octoman
Joel Vera
Mike Frassrand

Firewall Support
Bruce Wise
Hanh Le
Henry Choi
Miguel Collins

Application Support
Albert Raad
Ed Magos
Gennady Weisburd
Georgianna Mitchell
James Kwon
Judy Chu (retired)
Vincent Chang

Database Support
Ernest Banh
Joseph Lin

DSA Support
Joey Tu

LAPD IT Support team

Of course, the work does not stop here as continuous improvements and maintenance are still in-progress to ensure that the system runs smoothly for our customers. We continue to review all existing software for consolidation, discontinue obsolete applications to save on cost, work with departments on improving processes and performance, respond to issues, and continue to provide great customer service.  The end goal is the full retirement of the mainframe and the continued use of ITA's distributed and Cloud platforms.