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ITA Spotlight of the Month, February 2019

Posted on 02/05/2019
rubber bands and crayons

Facility Support

Happy Valentine's Day, ITA!  We spread the love this month for ITA Facility Support Staff.

Need toner, batteries, or pens?

Need cleaning supplies, office keys or moving boxes?

Need a new chair or ID badge?

Getting rid of furniture?

Who you gonna call???


This month's spotlight shines on the ITA staff that help us maintain our various facilities (Valerieann Palazzolo, Katy Pehrson, Maria Delas Alas, or Joan Maranan).  They handle office supplies, furniture requests (with manager approval), badge access, salvage, and just about all facility needs.  If you need any assistance, they are just a call or email away.

In fact, for the services below, you can even request them directly:

❖     Konica copier/printer issues - Call the Konica Service number on the machine: (800) 456-5664.

❖     ID/access badge for contractors or interns - Contact Susan Bautista in HR to make a badging appointment.

❖     Plumbing or electrical problems -  Put in a request for maintenance service (Appliances, electrical, concrete, elevators, plumbing, AC issues, outdoors, signs, paint, or pest control) through this link:  or by calling 978-3247.  Please also inform Valerieann Palazzolo as she is the liaison with GSD.

❖     Overflowing recycling bin -  Break down any box(es) and put it behind the recycle bin. If it’s still full, call 922-8300.

❖     Major spills or cleanup - Call GSD Custodial Services at 922-8008.

Have a wonderful day and stay dry!