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ITA Spotlight of the Month, August 2019

Posted on 08/09/2019
looking at mobile phone

Mobile Worker Program and Citywide Telephone Billing Management

Mobility is arguably one of the greatest technology advances in the last 10 years.  Computing has become anytime, anywhere (for better or for worse).  This month, we shine our spotlight on the ITA team that is bringing the positive power of mobile devices to City employees.  

The Mobile Worker Program and Citywide Telephone Billing Management group is on the forefront of a major shift in the way the City handles its telephone system. For over a year now, this group has been changing out desk phones for cell phones in over 15 departments. Part of that work is reaching out to each department by giving presentations and providing guidance for smartphone usage as they work to shift the City workers focus from a wired to wireless world. So far they have deployed over 1700 phones traveling all the way to Long Beach and up to Canoga Park in the San Fernando Valley. In the next few months the activity for the group is going to increase dramatically as they just got the green light to deploy cell phones for the larger City buildings in and around the Civic center. This group also handles the Citywide Telephone billing to ensure vendors charge the City accordingly and manage the movement of phone lines between vendors. The ongoing work for the last year has moved over 3600 phone lines and handed hundreds of inquiries and other phone issues. Each day, they seamlessly integrate ITA requests between multiple vendors for multiple accounts ensuring a smooth flow of orders.

The MWP and Citywide Telephone Billing Management group is showing the City new technology possibilities in everyday communication and is this month’s Spotlight of the Month.

ITA would like to recognize the following members of the group for their dedication and hard work.

Ka Ling Wong
Group Supervisor

Lloyd Lau
VOIP Deployment Liaison

Dan Tinajero
Cell Phone Deployment Supervisor

Jaime Ramirez
Cell Phone Deployment

Lisa Santos-Claro
Cell Phone Deployment

Rhonda Edwards
Cell Phone Deployment

Daniel Rubio
Cell Phone Deployment

Cris Robbins
Billing Management

Pauline Vuong
Billing Management