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ITA Spotlight of the Month, April 2019

Posted on 04/01/2019

Microwave Service

Did you know that ITA has a microwave team? Now let's be clear, not kitchen microwaves as in "microwave popcorn", but the critical microwave systems that wirelessly transport public safety and other communications across our city buildings! This month's spotlight of the month shines on the ITA Microwave Service Section.

The ITA microwave service section under, David Di Lullo performs various services that install and maintain the microwave links that connect public safety and city department communications. Microwave is used to transport data point-to-point using the circular, shrouded microwave antennas at the top of the tower in the attached photo. The section handles all things microwave, including responding to critical outages, performing regular preventative maintenance and handling assigned projects across 34+ sites. In addition, the equipment at these sites require high climbing and dangerous work around high electrical voltage.

Over this last summer, the section achieved a major milestone to upgrade the Aviat microwave system for the new LAPD radio project trunking system.

This team came together, working in collaboration with ITA engineering to update some 50 microwave links and complete many tasks over a 2 month period and completed by the end of November 2018. This involved long hours during weekdays and weekends to ensure that the LAPD deadline was met. Pictured from left to right is Left to right: Juliard Doneza, Ted Cheang, Michael Garcia, Virgilio Hermoso, David Di Lullo, Johnnie Gomez, and Daniel Cabrera (microwave PM engineer).