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ITA Publishes Los Angeles IT Workforce Plan

Posted on 04/04/2023
Los Angeles IT Workforce Plan

Technology is fundamental for the City of Los Angeles to serve its residents, businesses, and visitors. Through information technology (I.T.), the City of Los Angeles makes a vast array of public services more efficient, effective, and accessible. Only through modern technology can the City currently provide 1,275 different services to over 4 million residents! While historically important, the demand for information technology is now unprecedented. With a city spanning 469 square miles, the recent COVID-19 Pandemic, and major global events coming to L.A. (e.g. 2023 U.S. Open of Golf, 2026 World Cup, 2028 Olympics, etc.), digital tools have become a primary method of engaging and delivering services to the public. Angelenos expect online and easy-to-use “contactless services”. To deliver on these expectations, L.A. needs a high quality, diverse I.T. workforce.

Leveraging feedback from city departments and best practice research from Gartner Consulting, the ITA has worked with the citywide I.T. Policy Committee (ITPC) to develop this L.A. IT Workforce Plan. In our modern age, technology has become “the how” of government. Through implementation of this plan, our city will be positioned to compete, hire, and retain the high-quality I.T. that our residents deserve.

Download the City of L.A.'s IT Workforce Plan