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ITA Publishes City of Los Angeles Digital Strategy: COVID-19 Pandemic & Beyond

Posted on 06/23/2021
City of Los Angeles Digital Connections

For months, the Information Technology Agency (ITA) had been working with 150+ department IT staff to analyze 97 different City services that were paused by COVID-19 and identified 13 key technologies that, if implemented, would dramatically improve how residents and businesses digitally engage L.A. City government. The results are published in the new City of Los Angeles Digital Strategy.

While the virus has had many terrible consequences for Angelenos, the pandemic has also been a catalyst for improving the digital abilities of the City workforce and the quality of digital government services for the public. We believe that if we can capture what was learned through the pandemic and implement these technology improvements citywide across City departments... we can improve City services for all Angelenos for decades to come.

Through this digital strategy, City departments are working with no-cost and low-cost solutions to recover from the pandemic into a “new better” and not just a “new normal."

Download 'City of Los Angeles Digital Strategy: COVID-19 Pandemic & Beyond'